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From the Author Sciences and Behavior Research Team

Author Observation Field Report

Date: January 22, 2018
Observer: Emerson Elderberry, D.A.S.

Author continues to type at the keyboard; reviewing records overnight suggests an increased word count from the last observational session. Repeated attempts to communicate with author remained unsuccessful; will try again next session. Author looked in good condition, no sign of distress; one contusion noted on the shin - sources noted an altercation with a shopping cart that may account for bruising. Samples of notes retrieved; to be reviewed by team - analysis to follow.

Writing Status: In Progress
Completion Date: Spring Unknown

Additional Comments:
Note Analysis - Scribbles indicate steady forward progress, though expected completion date likely to be revised owing to a mention of a character saying something is “off”; current note sample failed to explain this comment; awaiting further data for specifics.

Report filed: January 23, 2018
Received by: Hildegard Hepplewhite, Dir.

Update (2018-Jan-24): A brief encounter between the author and a lab research assistant revealed the issue mentioned in the note sample may refer to a recurring phenomenon author faces during writing; possible remedies have been discussed; general consensus was to take a wait-and-see approach, as author typically resolves issue without interference from lab team. Lab research assistant is being treated following usual protocol. (H.H., Dir.)

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