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Yes and No

Yes, it’s almost the end of February. No, I have not posted anything for two months. Yes, I’m still planning to release a book at the end of the month. No, I have not shared a cover with you. Why? Those infuriating titles – I can’t show you a cover when I don’t have a title yet. (Titles. Grr...) Yes, I have a title now. Yes, that means you can see the cover now. Yes, you’ll probably want to go check the desk drawer. (Hint, hint.) No, I don’t know exactly when I’ll be releasing the book. Why? I’m waiting for the print proof and I have a little bit more formatting to do for the e-book version. Yes, I’m looking forward to doing more writing again, rather than revising, polishing, and formatting. Yes, I know you’re all waiting to read this book. Yes, I’m really excited for you to read this book. What else? Not much – I’ll let you know when the book’s available.

UPDATE: New Beginnings is available now on Amazon (the print version is always a little slower to link everything, so keep checking if you can't find it - it will be there eventually), so enjoy!

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