Flash of Red

• Celia’s Journey — Book 3

Celia is seeing red.

After what happened at school last year, Celia Fincastle is looking over her shoulder, wondering what might happen next. When she sees some suspicious characters, she’s convinced people are following her—at Aunt Agatha’s, at camp, and even at school—but no one believes her. Her friends tell her she’s imagining things and her advisors tell her to stop worrying, and Celia is starting to get annoyed that no one will listen to her.

The school year is full of the normal demands of classes and homework, with the added stress of jealous classmates, disastrous school dances, and a new group project that further tests Celia’s patience. The fifth-year class trip seems like a welcome break, but when trouble arises away from the safety of Renasci, Celia and her friends quickly learn that ignoring her warnings may have serious consequences, because in the demesne, things are not always as they seem and everything can change in a flash.

Celia’s Journey

As she heads into the rough and rocky terrain of her teenage years, Celia Fincastle’s life is about to get a bit more challenging. Though she can hardly be called a typical teenager, she faces her own difficult decisions as the series continues to follow her journey in the third book, where plenty of twists and turns await.

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