Into The Castle

• Through The Door — Book 1

Erin Morgan has always loved fairy tales, so of course she’s excited to see the castle ruins during her family’s summer vacation road trip. When she hears they’re going to visit the ruins and take a tour, even spend the night in a nearby bed and breakfast, she’s even more enthusiastic. But then something happens.

Suddenly everything familiar is gone: her parents, her brother, the car, even the parking lot is nowhere to be seen. She’s not really sure where she went or how she ended up in a real castle that seems eerily similar to the ruins she’d seen from a distance, but now she’s surrounded by knights and ladies, with a princess telling her they’d known Erin would arrive there that day.

All Erin wants now is to find her way home, but no one in the castle seems to know how she can get there. They say they need her help, but Erin’s pretty sure that won’t happen. After all, how can she help them when she doesn’t even know where she is? There seems to be more to this castle than Erin ever thought, and it’s up to her to figure it out and find her way home.

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