• Through The Door — Book 3

Erin Morgan had a fantastic adventure, but now it’s over, and she knows she’s never going back through the portal that took her to the castle in Ner. Determined to put her traveling behind her and resettle in her real life, Erin does her best to enjoy the rest of her family’s vacation and get back to normal.

Her plans change when she gets home and finds herself in possession of an interesting journal that mentions the people and places she encountered in Ner. When she reads of a danger that threatens the people she’s grown close to during the short time she’s spent at the castle, she knows she must find a way to either warn or help them.

Now, instead of trying to figure out how to get home, she’s trying to figure out how to get back to Ner. Her first roadblock is getting permission from her parents, who aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of her traveling through a portal to a faraway castle. If she manages that, she still has to figure out how to unlock the portal and open it and make it back to Ner in time to help her friends…and hope she gets there before it’s too late.

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