Searching for Clues

• Celia’s Journey — Book 5

Celia is trying to pick up the pieces.

Celia Fincastle thought she had everything under control, until it all came crashing down around her just before her fifteenth birthday. Now she has to do her best to put her life back together and move on, which is difficult when she’s cut off from the demesne for the summer. Stuck with Aunt Agatha again, Celia quickly realizes that things still aren’t what they seem, and while she’s seeking answers and information, those are in short supply.

Returning to the demesne doesn’t bring the result she expected, but then everything shifts again with the discovery of a new puzzle, one that has Celia looking for pieces of a different sort. Her search brings her to new people and new places, but now she has to balance all the demands on her time and attention even as she struggles to master new abilities and keep up with her schoolwork. The stakes are higher than ever and Celia can’t afford to fail, because now she’s searching for more than just answers.

Celia’s Journey

After plenty of unexpected twists and turns, Celia Fincastle’s path heads for bumpy ground, and mountains of questions, doubts, and disappointments loom before her. She must figure out how to persevere through the deep valleys and steep climbs of life that she now faces if she’s ever going to reach the other side and find smoother ground again.

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