Secrets, Letters, and Lies

• Celia’s Journey — Book 4

Secrets whisper in the air.

Celia Fincastle is thrilled to spend the summer at Maddie’s house, far away from Aunt Agatha. But it appears she’s traded her insufferable aunt for Maddie’s grandfather, who goes out of his way to let Celia know that he doesn’t like having her around. His reasons for disliking her are just the first in a long line of surprises for Celia as she starts her fourth year at Renasci.

As secrets begin to leak out, Celia still has to focus on her schoolwork, which now includes new independent studies that increase her workload even further. One particular secret comes as a huge shock to Celia, which leaves her feeling betrayed by those she trusts most and pushes her to find answers on her own. A series of letters promises information about her grandmother and maybe even her parents, but taking the offer might have consequences she never imagined…and she has no idea that more lies still lurk in the shadows.

Celia’s Journey

Celia Fincastle’s life certainly has changed since she first learned about the Renasci Academy for Gifted Students. Each year at school is one step further along the path, but her journey is about to take a few sharp turns, and all she can do is hang on for the ride.

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