The Book in the Basement

• Neeghan’s Journey — Book 2

A book changed everything.

Neeghan Fincastle spent her first year at the Renasci Academy for Gifted Students thinking she didn’t have the gifts she needed to be in her coterie, but the book she found on her first night back at home changed all that when it revealed more of her talents. Now she has to catch up on everything she missed during her first year, figure out how to use her newfound abilities, and get ready to go back to the school—and friends—she didn’t think she’d see again.

Except there’s a problem: her gifts don’t want to cooperate. No matter what she does, how hard she tries, she can’t get her newly-discovered talents to work. It’s not just over the summer, either—things don’t go any better once she’s back at school. She’s still struggling with her schoolwork because she can’t do the things she needs to do for her classes, even though everyone around her seems to handle the assignments with ease. Neeghan needs to figure out what’s going on with her abilities so she doesn’t fall behind, but a certain book might have more to say about the situation… and once again, it might change everything.

Neeghan’s Journey

The first step of Neeghan Fincastle’s journey was rough and rocky, and it doesn’t seem the path is getting any smoother. She’ll have to find the determination to keep going, even when everything around her looks dark.

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