The Gathering Storm

• Celia’s Journey — Book 6

Dark clouds are forming on the horizon.

The news Celia Fincastle received at the end of school last year came as a surprise, and it isn’t the last surprising information she’ll get before she heads back to school for another year at Renasci. The summer brings challenges right from the start, and by the time she gets through the Summer Tournament, she’s just hoping she makes it to the start of school without anything else falling apart.

School isn’t any easier, though, and Celia struggles to cope with all of the changes. She needs to find the remaining clues from her parents, no easy task when she can’t let anyone find out what she’s really doing. She also has some decisions to make, questions with no easy answers that will affect the rest of her life and possibly the lives of those around her. But there are other things going on, things that Celia can’t quite see yet. Something’s brewing and Celia knows it, and this time the price they’ll all pay might just be too high.

Celia’s Journey

Darkness descends on Celia Fincastle’s journey as a storm blows in, making it hard to see the path in front of her. Each step becomes difficult, never knowing if the ground will be steady or if it will shift beneath her. She’ll have to find her footing before she can face the coming storm, or she won’t survive the wind and rain.

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