Key to the Past

• Celia’s Journey — Book 2

Celia’s past and future are about to collide.

Celia Fincastle is back for another year at the Renasci Academy for Gifted Students, but she hasn’t left her troubles behind her. After a tedious stay with Aunt Agatha and an eye-opening experience at summer camp, Celia hopes some changes at school will bring a better year, but she soon realizes that a new year simply means new challenges.

It’s not just her new class schedule, designed by someone who clearly thinks she can do five things at once. This year she must also complete a huge project about her family, but how is she supposed to do that when she knows nothing about them? A surprise revelation about her grandmother has Celia anxious to learn more, but discouragement quickly sets in when she reaches a dead end and a new school policy seems specifically designed to penalize her. It seems unlikely that one of the staff would actually want her to fail, and yet…

Help from an unexpected source may hold both the key to her past and the answer to her current problems, but she might not be the only one who knows about it. Celia must solve the clues to find the information she needs and unlock the secrets of her family before all is lost. Time is running out, and both her grade and her future hang in the balance…but will someone else find it before she does?

Celia’s Journey

Celia Fincastle is twelve now, but her adventure is only beginning. Join her as she discovers her talents, searches for answers to her questions, and explores her destiny. The journey that started with an old book in the attic continues with an exciting new installment in the series.

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