New Beginnings

• Neeghan’s Journey — Book 1

Sometimes the only constant is change.

Neeghan Fincastle has seen a lot of changes in her life over the past year, and she’s struggling to keep up with all the new things around her. Of course she’s happy to get to know her sister, Celia, and her grandfather, but everything is different, and she’s finding it’s not always easy to adjust.

Now she’s about to face another change as she gets ready to attend the Renasci Academy for Gifted Students, the same school her sister attended. She’s excited to discover more about her gifts and learn how to use her talents, but this change is more of a challenge than all of the others. Everyone around her keeps telling her she’ll do fine, but when things don’t go quite as she imagined they would, she’ll have to decide what she really wants and find the place she truly belongs… even if that’s not the place she always thought it would be.

Neeghan’s Journey

Neeghan Fincastle hasn’t had an ordinary life, and nothing suggests that will be changing anytime soon. Join Neeghan as she heads off to school for the start of her journey, where she’ll find new experiences, new friends, and new surprises . . . and this is only the beginning.

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