The Final Word

• Celia’s Journey — Book 7


Only one word remains…

Summer hasn’t started the way Celia Fincastle expected, and her surprise visitor is just the beginning. She might not be at school, but that doesn’t mean she gets to relax. With more decisions to make, more changes to cope with, and more answers to find, there’s plenty of work awaiting Celia before she and her friends return to Renasci for their final year.

Celia knows she has to be ready for the showdown that’s looming, but she finds it hard to focus on what she needs to do. Everything is conspiring to distract her, especially once rumors and accusations start to appear around the demesne. Celia still has plenty of questions and too many unknowns, and she’ll have to trust those around her if she wants to find the answers she seeks. Only one thing remains between Celia and her final goal, but if she wants to defeat her adversary, find her family, and take her rightful position in the demesne, it’s going to take everything she has.

Celia’s Journey

Her destination is in sight, but Celia Fincastle has one last mountain to climb, and she’ll have to dig deep for the strength to reach the summit. The journey that began with an old book in an attic has brought Celia here, but she must do whatever it takes to reach the end as the series concludes with this, the seventh and final book of Celia’s Journey.

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